Developed by a team of programmers and ML-enthusiasts
the framework for AI/ML projects concentrated on teamwork and rapid development


We want to spread the best practices of teamwork and programming in teams developing ML/AI projects.

We think that existing products do not offer the proper tradeoff between speed and reliability of the resulting ML/AI solution.

Tools for team workflow

Keep your project organized

Make frequent operations easier

even don't do it at all

  • Templates
    Wizard for generating and configuring ML/AI projects. Project structure and architecture fitted for mid and long time range projects (1month +).
  • Architecture
    Service-oriented architecture, based on docker technology. Opened and extendable set of tools. Framework is built on top of opensource products, libraries and components.
  • Installation
    Use local installation on your own premises for teamwork, or installation in datacenters/cloud premises for corporate use.
  • MLOps
    Deploy AI/ML solutions in framework instance. Engage Datascientists with end-to-end responsibility for the whole AI/ML solution.

Looking for beta testers

Now we are looking for teams who are ready to test our solution. We are waiting for teams practicing supervised machine learning!

Please, contact us

DATASKAI already helps the bioinformatics team to construct accurate genotype-to-phenotype predictive models based on modern machine learning methods!

FREE for non-commercial usage

The version for non-commercial use is free and will always be free.

If you want to use our tool for making money in a commercial organization, you will need to purchase the license.

Any questions?

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